Popular? Unpopular? Nothing? Who was I? Who am I now?

For my introduction I guess I should start off by saying who I was in high school and who I am now after graduating. While I was in high school I was not the typical person everyone talked to. I was not the skinniest girl in the school. I also was definitely not the fattest. Besides that, I was not the model girl in which guys drooled over. I did everything in my power to sit in the back of the classes I took. Even when my school had classroom pictures taken on picture day. If I was tagged in any photo that was taken of me, I immediately reported the photo because I did not like how I looked. I had many talents during my high school career. I was a singer and an artist. I like to believe that there is something more to this Earth then just human and animal life. So basically you can call me a big believer in the paranormal and supernatural. Is this weird to think this? I do not think so. According to my classmates I was a liar because I would not tell them everything about my life and my beliefs. I honestly thought I was stupid because I was wrong at times. I thought I was ugly because I never wore any makeup. I was considered a “pushover” because I enjoyed making people happy when they were feeling down. I seemed to be a “loser” because I was not in any groups or cliques. I was labeled “fake” because I rather be nice to someone than be remembered as the bitch of my graduating class. I was weird because I believed in things people thought were stupid. I was considered “fat” because I ate when I was hungry. I was clingy because I didn’t like being left alone. I was never able to be myself and I think that was why I hated myself so much. The worst thing was I was not able to do anything until my senior year. At this time, I finally opened up and started doing what I wanted. I did not want to do what everyone else expected me to do. Instead, I did what I wanted. Now after I graduated high school, I started working at a daycare center and it has been the most exciting job I ever had in my life. I gained my imagination back by working with the kids I look after. I learned to love with an open heart. These kids mean the world to me. I am very protective of these kids. They have become a part of me that I do not have words to explain. I know you are probably thinking that I am crazy. But hey, I love working with these kids. They make my life worth something. I teach, them life skills. I offer comfort to them when they need it the most. I care for about 14 different kids. With each kid I support, I have a special relationship with them. I know these youngsters better than I know my very own family. I guess working with them as a job was a good choice I made. I enjoyed spending time with them thoroughly. Okay, well that was a long post to write. I am going to end it here and leave you guessing what my next chapter of my life will be like. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I truly appreciate it.


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