How can Society be Society when Society is still Branched in Parties

Every Life is  a pile of Good things and Bad things the good things don’t always cancel out the bad things, but the bad things don’t spoil the good things and make them unimportant.

You can learn a lot watching a tv show that has been on for 50 years. Lately I have found more and more news events that I can find quotes of the true meaning from the show that make me less nervous about living in this world.

People need to Smarten up and get over their differences because how can society work when the people who are suppose to be part of this society can’t even forget about their narcissistic asses for a second.  How people can find meaningless shit and make it a big deal. I am young and yet I think about the others out there I want to help.

I think about the Veterans and Soldiers who come home to nothing and yet they find the joy out of many things. I think about children thrown into the Foster system because some parents are selfish and yet I know some do this for the better for the child, but the selfish parents who decide that money that should be spent on the child should be spent on things for them to forget about their pains. I think about how people can be so cruel online and how when they see you face to face all the shit they said, never happened. I think about the people who go out everyday to protect us and how much that they put their own lives at risk for nothing in return and yet the news stations all they can report on is what they did or didn’t do. And yet they don’t have the whole story. I think about a lot of different people.  I am tired of the senselessness in our generation.

I may be 18 almost 19 but I think about a lot more than the idiots and make my generation look like a pile of crap and I know for a fact im not going to be in that classification of my generation. I am better, we can all be better its just on how we choose to live our lives. I am sorry if I offend anybody.  I am fed up with being in a generation who look for trouble rather than trying to make the world and our lives better. I want to spread more happiness and peace and find an alternative to this hell we are creating as this society.


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