We are all important. Start thinking like your 7 year old self!

This morning one of my daycare kids came and ask me if what would happen if I was a princess. I informed him that I would make sure kids were happy all the time. He had the biggest smile on his face and said happy like eating candy all the time or well what do you mean by happy? I never quite saw how intelligent this kid was.

I think kids deserve to be happy, I think beyond anything a parents goal is too make sure they son or daughter feels their existence is important. Any parent who can’t make their child happy, look for help it is important for them to live life happy. Emotions are important and teach us a lot about ourselves and others from what we are dealing with at home to what we share with the world. As a young child I was bullied as a preteen I was clinically depressed and as a teen it just got worse til I was told something important that I needed to be told. I was told I was loved I was told I was important not just to my parents but to the world. We all have our paths it’s just the way we walk on it. We can go on like Tony Stark and not let anyone in until you surender to crumbling, Montana and live a double life that you hate and want to get out of, or you can walk like yourself and create a life you love and deserve. You treat people with kindness even when they have disrespected you or made you feel less then what you are worth, you keep moving and get up when you have fallen because it’s a big world and there is so much to see and children are the only original thinkers there are in this world. They will tell you when your stupid, silly and smart and its your job to listen to them because usually they are right. Remembering how you thought as a child you see how stupid you are as an adult.


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